Alaska Child Support Services Division

Employee Email and Fax Addresses

Getting around the Directory

The directory is organized into the agency's functions and lists the section's office assistants, caseworkers, supervisors and manager.

  • The specialists and office assistants are listed first with their respective supervisors at the end.
  • Some of the cases are assigned alphabetically by the paying parent's last name. If the last name of the paying parent later changes we will continue to use the paying parent's name that was given at the time the case was first opened.
  • You can contact your caseworker by e-mail or send them written information about your case to their personal fax. Written correspondence is usually more effective since voice messages require additional time to write down the information.


Assignment / Supervisor


Fax Number

E-Mail Address

Domestic Enforcement: Both parties live in Alaska.

BALK James Breland 787-3183
BALL-BROV Sonja Goedde-Lund 787-3229
BROW-CIL Raven Nolan 787-3142
CIM-DEML Verola Ferrell 787-3151
DEMM-FELIW Rebecca Damian 787-3192
FELIX-GREENK Michele Johnson 787-3260
GREENL-HOG Charlotte Johnson 787-3301
HOH-JOHNSE Veronica Melo 787-3307
JOHNSF-KAIR Brooke Groh 787-3232
Anna Lufkin 787-3171
KAIS-LAZ Elizabeth Stewart 787-3296
LE-MAU Melissa Breager 787-3227
MAV-MOTS Linda Beard 787-3211
MOTT-PAB Brent Fraser 787-3169
PAC-PETER Sharon Carter 787-3286
PETERS-ROBIR Jarred Behrendt 787-3176
ROBIS-SH Cari Bernier 787-3218
SI-SUNM Lisa Hall 787-3258
SUMM-VANI Luisa Jones 787-3170
VANJ-WILM Quincei Clark 787-3259
WILN-ZZ Christina Bond 787-3344

Domestic Enforcement Supervisors & Manager

Supervisor: Tim Lightner 787-3219
Supervisor: 787-3203
Supervisor: Brenda Smith 787-3124
Supervisor: Joan Bernard 787-3122
Enforcement Manager: Autumn Short 787-3134

Intergovernmental- Establishment Caseworkers:
Non custodial parent lives outside of Alaska. Caseworker establishes paternity and support orders in other states. Begins Services actions in other states.

AA-LZ Dorothy Louderback 787-3115
MA-ZZ Frieda Baker 787-3199

Intergovernmental State Placement Cases Establishment & Enforcement

EST A-L Zachary Ulrich 787-3182
EST M-Z Dana Benfield 787-3178
ENF A-Z Jenci Desjardin 787-3187

Intergovernmental Enforcement Caseworkers: Non custodial parent lives outside of Alaska.  Caseworker responds to case parties and other states' inquiries.  Provides new information to other states and monitors cases for orders and continuation of Services actions.

AA-COP Rob Short 787-3314
COQ-HARP Felila Afualo 787-3316
HARQ-LOT Selina Phillips 787-3349
LOU-RUC Vicki Tapscott 787-3247
RUD-ZZ Erika Hudson 787-3200
Floater Donna Erickson 787-3201
Kenyatta Singleton 787-3261

Direct Withholding Cases:

WID: AA-MART Evelyn Langley 787-3268
WID: MAS-ZZ Meldoney Webb 787-3275

Intergovernmental Responding Caseworkers:
Non custodial parent lives in Alaska, custodial parent has asked another state to enforce the case in Alaska.

AAR-EDS Toscha Alexander 787-3222
EDT-KON Chuck Grediagin 787-3233
KOO-RIF Kim Small 787-3143
RIG-ZZZ Jared Hakkinen 787-3273

Intergovernmental Supervisors & Manager

Intergovernmental Supervisor: Kit Ward 787-3223
Intergovernmental Supervisor: Dana Barnett 787-3163
Intergovernmental Supervisor: Christine Crossen 787-3117
Intergovernmental Supervisor: Erinn Brian 787-3147
Intergovernmental Manager: Friederike Cook 787-3149

Administrative Orders:

  Ethel Perdue 787-3120
  Dawn Bulacan 787-3215
  Jessica Lauano 787-3208
  Elvira Taylor 787-3285
  Erin Reading 787-3297
  Gail Byers 787-3231
  Jerry Cameron 787-3346
  Juanetta Pulliam 787-3123

Judicial Orders:

Jessica Bethke 787-3358
  Alma Hernandez 787-3175
  Kim Clarkson 787-3114
Lynda Hilliard 787-3212
Jeannette Ongaro 787-3274
Rae Norris 787-3209

Establishment Clerical Support:

  Kristine Webb 787-3132
  Tara Gallear 787-3109
  Jessica Dyment 787-3205
  Sheryl Casey 787-3319
  Wendy Nisonger 787-3298
  Carla Sexton 787-3315

Paternity / Genetic Testing Section:

Administrative / Judicial Paternity
  Theresa Martin 787-3161
  Adrelia Putman 787-3338
  Sarah Tuggle 787-3202
Betty Bullock 787-3263
Michelle Maga 787-3328
Genetic Testing Betty Bullock 787-3263

Administrative/Judicial/Paternity Supervisors & Manager

Paternity and Clerical Supervisor: Diane Pankowski 787-3277
Judicial Orders Supervisor: Cara Booher 787-3179
Administrative Orders Supervisor: Cara Booher 787-3179
Administrative/Judicial/Paternity Manager Mike Miller 787-3253

Formal Hearings:

  Joe West 787-3195
  Kim Sledgister 787-3186
  Delinda Cain 787-3345
  Brandi Estes 787-3216
Clerical Support Meredith Spears 787-3272
Manager: Mike Miller 787-3253

Community Outreach

  Ashley Laurin 787-3342

Customer Service:

  Ken Medina 787-3287
  Marva Jones 787-3266
Maryann Hartzog 787-3288
  Kathy Onstead 787-3226
  Lorie Mills 787-3250
  Bernardo Otero 787-3344
  Amber Barney 787-3229
  Lisa Davis 787-3318
  Michael Soule 787-3270
  Rebecca Wilson 787-3319
  William Franklin 787-3243
  Chelsea Gorup 787-3308
Supervisor: Sarah Johnson 787-3279
Supervisor:   787-3302
Manager: Christy Vaden 787-3262

Licensing Enforcement

A-M Carrie Teekell 787-3225
N-Z Carl Jacobs 787-3127 carl.jacobs
Supervisor: Rachel King 787-3235
Manager: Christy Vaden 787-3262

New Hire Reporting & Employer Hotline:

New Hire
- Employer Assistance
Penelope Stevens 787-3280
New Hire
/ Locate Office Assistant
Ava Corbitt 787-3264
 Supervisor: Rachel King 787-3235
Manager: Christy Vaden 787-3262

Complaint Resolution:

  Russell Crisp 787-3167
  Amanda Sizemore 787-3217

Fairbanks Office:

Customer Service Lauri Kobierowski 787-3312
Manager: Christy Vaden 787-3262

Southeast Office:

Supervisor: Donelle Everson 787-3323
Manager: Christy Vaden 787-3262
Admin = Administrative ROFO = Registration of Foreign Orders
MOD = Modifications ELMO = Electronic Modification of Orders