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  CSSD Policies
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All CSSD policies are currently under review for possible revision. As each review is completed, policies applicable to child support case work will be available to the public here. Until that time, if you’d like a copy please contact your caseworker or our Customer Service Center.
Policy Number Effective Date

Policy Title

002 6/12/01 Changes in Custody without Changes in Support
003 04/18/01 Determining Income from Self-Employment
006 05/16/01 Non-Paternity as a Defense to Enforcement of an Administrative Support Order
007 05/14/01 Non-Paternity as a Defense to Establishment of an Administrative
Support Order
008 07/12/01 IRS Joint Refunds
009 05/08/01 Paternity Actions Against Biological Father Where Another Man is Presumed to be the Child’s Father Legally
010 06/26/01 Settlement Offers
011 10/02/06 Visitation Credits and Health Insurance in the Same Case
012 04/26/02 Obligation Charge Dates
013 10/15/10 Determining Income
014 05/08/01 Payments to Banks
017 04/19/01 Employer Non-Compliance Procedures
018 05/02/03 26 Week Pay Periods
019 11/15/02 Issuance of Administrative Subpoenas
020 05/16/01 Two Parent Family Cases
024 07/18/01 Payment Services Only Cases
025 06/26/01 Family Violence
030 11/30/02 Determining Controlling Orders
034 10/15/10 Temporary and Permanent Changes in Income
035 12/12/02 Correcting Interest Errors
038 2/26/03 Case Closure
039 06/16/03 Recovering Overpayments
040 08/15/03 Financial Account Attachment Threshold (FIDM)
041 10/14/03 Court Ordered Elimination of State Debt
043 03/15/04 Preclusion by Court Order
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